BACH FRIENDS – Artistic Director Margaret Steinitz writes

Dear Friends and Supporters

Through the decades London Bach Society has shown it is continually in tune with the times  and that is how we presented ourselves in our  70th anniversary – a Bach Society for today…and tomorrow. Our 75th anniversary is in 2021 and we are already planning towards that incredible landmark.  We do thank all our supporters who have not only shared our journey to Bach but also helped to make this financially possible down the years.

Today we show that we are: -

  • (still) curious about how Bach’s music was originally sung and played and dedicated to promoting the latest in modern Bach scholarship,
  • dedicated to bringing the Bach magic into the lives of new listeners
  • creating new opportunities
  • providing a platform for emerging artists
  • promoting excellence

…and all for the enjoyment of our audiences.

Making a difference

To develop and sustain our annual Bachfest and year-round services we need to raise in excess of £50,000 p.a. from grants and donations, increasing that amount year by year.  Since launching the Bach Friends scheme in 2013 we have felt the considerable difference your donations have made to our well being. So thank you to everyone who is an LBS Bach Friend. How do Bach Friends make a difference ?

  • You help us plan further ahead and give us that crucial bedrock of support.
  • You help us sustain our orchestra Steinitz Bach Players, whose 50th anniversary is in 2018
  • You  help us ensure we can feature high quality artists
  • You help us to introduce exciting newcomers
  • You help us to create new platforms and encourage new audiences

Please do come and join us. Become a Bach Friend to help us make things happen. You can do so for as little as £50, rising to £1,00o. More details are on the Bach Friends page. May I ask you to take a moment to think about this ….and then come and join us? The more finds we raise, the more we can do.   We look forward to welcoming you.

Margaret Steinitz (Artistic Director)

The Universal Spirit of Bach

“The universal spirit of Bach which manifests itself in the B-Minor Mass produces the paradox that one of the most Christian works in all of sacred music transcends and dissolves its confessional limits, serving instead the whole of humanity – non-Christians included.   It may seem odd at first glance that as a Buddhist I have theologically come to terms with one of the most Christian works of European music history, Bach’s B-Minor Mass. The conciliatory spirit which manifests itself in this work nevertheless encouraged me to do so.”

Yoshitake Kobayashi, distinguished and influential Japanese Bach scholar (d. Jan 2013)

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