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Once a Thomaner, always a Thomaner – “Bach’s Choir” today

Leipzig’s world famous Thomanerchor launch their brand new Image Film, with English sub-titles The music of Bach is central to the repertoire of this remarkable choir, a choral institution that dates from 1212. From 1723-1750 Bach was the director (Cantor) of the choir and composed the lion’s share of his music for them. The Bach [...]

LBS BACHFEST 2017 – opening concert announced and other news

LBS announces details of 2017 Bachfest opening concert  Tenebrae, director Nigel Short Click on the link below for more details: 2017 BACHFEST, Opening concert announced       Stop Press: Steinitz Bach Players celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2018   Portrait of an orchestra – there’s more to this band than meets the eye…. read more about them and their [...]


Legacy Giving to London Bach Society Legacies received have enabled the Society to continue to thrive and, equally, are a fond remembrance of you, your generosity and forethought. We invite you to visit our Legacy Giving page and download the brochure that will guide you towards making the London Bach Society a beneficiary in your Will….The [...]

Bach Singers Prize 2017 – latest news

Bach Singers Prize Update  updated 5 January 2017 The LBS Bach Singers Prize is presented every two years, so the next one is due in the autumn 2017. The competition is open to postgraduate singers, either still studying or at the beginning of their careers, in the age range 21-32 years at the date of the Final [...]