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LBS Artistic Director is awarded Medal of Honour from British-German Association 2019 LBS PRESS RELEASE – BGA Medal of Honour   Share this:


LBS 29th Bachfest   1 - 9 November  and Spring 2020  “Ways to Bach”     Special this year at Bachfest 18-30 Bach Club celebrates its 10th Birthday on 1 November 2019. This event opens the door to the ‘live’ classical concert experience for first timers and curious newcomers. 7th  LBS Bach Singers competition is scheduled for Spring 2020, dates to be confirmed. This biennial event benefits young singers on [...]

Bach at Langstone – 1 June 2019

1 June 2019  “Bach at Langstone”  1 JUNE PROGRAMME This recital has now taken place. The next in the series ”Bach at Langstone”  will be in June 2021. www.langstone-court.org.uk   Share this: