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Bachfest 2018  31 October – 10 November  “Out of Conflict…the Peace”.

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Bachfest 2018:

  • The Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) 400th anniversary.  The fall-out of this devastating European war had severe social, economic and cultural consequences that lasted for decades, especially in German States.
  • WW1 Centenary (1914-1918)  – A new British Bach Revival. The post WW1 reaction to the pre-War Victorian-Edwardian way of life inspired fresh musical thinking too, especially regarding the study and performance of Bach’s music. A new revival was beginning….

The Leipzig Connection:

  • Leipzig Bach-Archiv - the world’s pre-eminent Bach research centre, who’s who and what they do
  • Thomanerchor -  the world famous boys’ choir whose Cantor from 1723-1750 was none other than Johann Sebastian Bach.

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