Steinitz Bach Players

GORDON DOUBLE CONCERTO IMAGE Steinitz Bach Players celebrating the Golden 50th at St John’ Smith Square, Tuesday 6 November 2018
Guest leader  baroque specialist Rodolfo Richter

Guest leader baroque specialist Rodolfo Richter

Guest leader violinist and chamber musician Jane Gordon

Guest leader violinist and chamber musician Jane Gordon

Steinitz Bach Players celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2018  

The SBP was founded in one of the most important musical decades of the 20th century – the 1960s. These years saw the full flowering of English musical life after the immediate post-WW2 years and the austerity of the 1950s. Such circumstances did not dim the light of creativity nor stifle ideas, the rubble all around eventually giving way to expose new and fertile ground in which the musical seeds of what we not only enjoy, but also expect today were sown.

By the 1960s, the energy and drive of gifted creators and innovators not only saw the Aldeburgh Festival with Britten and Pears at the height of their power and influence, but also a golden generation of English solo singers (Heather Harper, Janet Baker, Helen Watts, Peter Pears, Robert Tear, Benjamin Luxon, John Shirley Quirk, John Carol Case among them, followed by James Bowman, Paul Esswood, Ian Partridge, Emma Kirkby). In the world of Early Music  there also began a determined drive towards performing and hearing pre-Classical music in its original form, just as the composers heard it. One of the most charismatic figures involved was the late, great David Munrow. Another was a fiercely single-minded Paul Steinitz in his London Bach Society, who in 1968 founded Steinitz Bach Players. It was all ground-breaking stuff!

SBP Today

Steinitz Bach Players has been able to play a pivotal role in the annual LBS Bachfest as resident orchestra, appearing in concerts of the major works, cantatas or chamber music that are either self-directed or with a guest conductor. In 2005, the SBP gave the UK ‘live’ première of a newly discovered Bach Aria “Alles mit Gott….” BWV 1127 sung by Gillian Keith and in 2013 the UK ‘live’ première of the early version of Bach’s Matthäus-Passion BWV 244b (1727), both directed by Anthony Robson. With its folio of achievement well stocked,  the SBP continues to share with its audiences some of the best-loved Bach works as well as some lesser known gems from his treasury, whether performed in the sophisticated concert hall, the village church, a City Livery Hall, in collaborations or in a sponsor’s board room!

Quite simply, the London Bach Society would not have achieved so much if it had not supported its own professional orchestra. The SBP’s 50th Anniversary will be celebrated at the 2018 Bachfest in November…..but how did it all start?

The Pioneering Launch of Steinitz Bach Players (SBP):

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