LBS was founded on 7 November 1946 in order to ‘get back to Bach in its original form. Since foundation, the Society has built up an enviable reputation for its pioneering work to make Bach’s repertoire more widely known and appreciated in the UK, especially the lesser known works. Continually building on its considerable musical legacy, LBS centres its performing work around an annual Bachfest (c.31 October – 10 November) that was founded in 1990.

Under founder Paul Steinitz’s direction from 1946-1988 the Society’s pioneering projects have changed the way we approach the study and performance of Bach’s music in this country. These have  opened the door to Bach’s magnificent treasury of music for many generations of performers and listeners, and inspired other conductors and musicians to explore the vast corpus of Bach’s music more deeply themselves here in the UK.  An alumnus of the Royal Academy of Music,  Paul Steinitz is an inspiration for the RAM Bach Cantata series completed in December 2018, with one of the concerts dedicated to their former student for his centenary in 2009.

Now in its seventh decade, London Bach Society is building upon this musical legacy, supporting young musicians and encouraging new audiences as well as its bedrock policy to enhance modern Bach scholarship today. The Society is part of a global Bach community of organisations devoted to the study and performance of Bach. It is a community that embraces all four corners of the world.


Our Artistic Director is Margaret Steinitz (pictured) Click on the link to view Margaret’s biography http://www.bachlive.co.uk/about/artistic-director/

Our Mission

LBS is performance-driven. An independent spirit, all the Society does flows to and from the ‘live’ experience enabling the performer and listener to draw closer to Bach, his music, his life and times and to be inspired and enriched by them. We promote our own professional period-instrument orchestra founded in 1968 Steinitz Bach Players  http://www.bachlive.co.uk/about/steinitz-bach-players/ 

A snapshot of our projects and achievements

Our history, commissions and other articles about us can be found by navigating to the various pages on site, but here is a snapshot of our major concert series, events and projects to date: -

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